My first Hot Stone Massage, and it was fabulous.  Kristie was welcoming and gracious, explained everything to me carefully.  She was thoughtful of my privacy, and helped me to really relax.

- Sheila

 SPECIALTY SERVICE of Healing Hot Stone and Aromatherapy

The modality of Hot Stone Massage has been prominent since Ancient Greek and Roman times. The combination of the heated stones, essential oils, and the energetic effects result in a deep state of relaxation and well-being. The heat of the stones aid in softening the tissues, increasing circulation, increasing metabolism, increasing the inflammatory response, decreasing pain, decreasing muscle spasm, and raising the body temperature. There are seven essential oils which are layered in a specific order going down the spine: Valor ~ creates balance to the electrical energies within the body and assists in correcting structural alignment, invokes courage, self-esteem, and confidence. 

Basil ~ relieves mental fatigue 

Wintergreen ~ alleviates joint and muscle pain

 Marjoram ~ relieves sore muscles and supports the respiratory system 

Oregano ~ balances metabolism and strengthens the chakras 

Thyme ~ supports healthy immune function

 Peppermint ~ aids digestive and respiratory systems

Kristie’s Aromatherapy Hotstone Massage Reviews

My massage yesterday with Kristie was amazing!  She was so nice and wonderfully welcoming.  I feel she really gave me special attention and you could tell she loves what she does!  

Thank so much, Mary

I had a wonderful hotstone massage.  This was my first time with your company.  I have had many hot stone massages and this one was one of the best!  Kristie is wonderful.


It was divine! Loved the space and loved Kristie! An amazing stone massage!

Patty B.

Massage Sanctuary is located in this lovely vintage building the therapist is very professional and effective

Barbara M. · 

Hot Stone massage was excellent, can't wait to go back again. 

Call Kristie at 508-423 -6259

If you already tried the Groupon - You know how great this treatment is!!! 

 Kristie  is our  Healing HOTSTONE Aromatherapy SPECIALIST


Kristie Whitehead is a licensed massage therapist who graduated from the Massage Institute of New England in 2002 and she is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. Kristie was drawn to massage through a innate interest in the human body and helping others through caring touch.  She believes that stress reduction is a key to health and wellness and that massage therapy is a perfect modality for generating well being. Through caring alliances with her clients she creates comfortability which is the foundation for relaxation.

 She specializes in helping clients who struggle with headaches from neck and shoulder pain as well as in creating an unbelievably relaxing Aromatherapy and Hot Stone massage.

 Kristie invites you to come in and experience deep relaxation and press the rest button on your life.

Kristie's hot rock massage was incredibly soothing and relaxing! I felt amazingly refreshed when it was over I now know what to ask my husband for Christmas gift certificates for more!

Lee-Ellen S. ·

The Hot Stone massage by Kristie is a spectacular way to relax and refresh Her firm but gentle hands can really work through any muscular tension! I recommend this highly!

Sheila B. 

Hot stone massage was amazing!

Monica E. 


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