A great team is a Happy Place.  
Come and Meet Rose, Roxy and Kristie!  and Julie too!


Roxy Rocker LMT- 13238

Phone: 480-570-3624

Roxy was amazing, had the perfect touch, discovering knots I didn't know I had. I left there feeling completely renewed. Can't wait to go back!  MR

"The massage that I received from Roxy felt fabulous! 

 Every part of body/mind/spirit felt nourished and integrated and I walked away feeling balanced, grounded and restored.   

Roxy was professional and the atmosphere was cozy, open and comfortable."



Roxy is a licensed massage therapist with a keen interest in myofascial  release as she has found that through consistent rhythmic touch the fascia of the body relaxes under her fingertips and long held tensions slowly dissolve. During massage the blood and lymph circulation increase and contracted muscles  and stretch receptors are activated to allow for increased mobility and ease of pain. Verbal and nonverbal communication on and off the table is the essence of therapeutic connection and the cornerstone for Roxy’s work with her clients.  After 22 years in Social Service Roxy honed excellent active listening skills and deep compassion for diverse populations facing unique challenges.  Assisting others in surmounting obstacles  is the work of a qualified caregiver.  Roxy is a qualified caregiver with an enormous heart and deep compassion for her clients.  She has translated all of her human service skills to her work as a massage therapist utilizing her gifted intuitive touch to facilitate the release of pain and the generation of deep relaxation. Customized massage therapy sessions are now available with Roxy at Massage Sanctuary.  Book your appointment today!

       Kristie Whitehead,LMT

Specializing in gentle deep tissue as well as  luxurious aromatherapy hotstone massage    

    KRISTIE at:  508-423 -6259

My first Hot Stone Massage, and it was fabulous.  Kristie was welcoming and gracious, explained everything to me carefully.  She was thoughtful of my privacy, and helped me to really relax. - Sheila


Kristie Whitehead is a licensed massage therapist who graduated from the Massage Institute of New England in 2002 and she is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. Kristie was drawn to massage through a innate interest in the human body and helping others through caring touch.  She believes that stress reduction is a key to health and wellness and that massage therapy is a perfect modality for generating well being. Through caring alliances with her clients she creates comfortability which is the foundation for relaxation. She specializes in helping clients who struggle with headaches from neck and shoulder pain as well as in hot stone massage. Kristie invites you to come in and experience deep relaxation and press the reset button on your life.

Kristie is an experienced massage professional with a genuine desire to help her clients live pain-free, relax, and rejuvenate.  Strong and intuitive, she always delivers an excellent massage session that always ends too soon!  She quickly learns her client's unique needs and areas of focus and is very skilled in using her energies to work the areas that need just the right pressure and touch.  I highly recommend Kristie at Massage Sanctuary!  Wendy

Rose McKay, LMT

I had a great massage with Rose on Monday.  Perfect pressure and a very kind and attentive disposition.  Jennifer

I found Rose to be an excellent massage therapist.  She was professional and most accommodating to my needs.  She made sure I was comfortable at all times and answered any questions, and gave an excellent massage.  I will book again withe her next month.  
Rose graduated from Spa Tech Institute  and is a licensed massage therapist and  a member of the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals.  She is a Reiki practitioner and holds a certification in prenatal massage.  She specializes in delivering a blissful massage catered to the client's needs.   Rose sees each session as an opportunity to deliver a warm therapeutic touch that creates a beneficial healing experience that soothes away aches and pains.  Rose has additional training  in cupping massage for those client's who are looking for an effective and alternative way to treat chronic pain. Rose came to the healing arts informed by a client centered professionalism and inspired by her desire to improve the well being of every client she has the pleasure to work with.   

  Rose was great!  She made my day a success.  Thank you for everything.  I was the only person I know who'd been to Massage Sanctuary and after today, I know you will have some new customers!  

Rosemarie gave me a fabulous massage - combining what I would best describe as Swedish technique and Reiki. The end result left me feeling more relaxed and far less stressed! 

Reading the reviews, it seems that Massage Sanctuary has an extraordinary group of talented therapists who genuinely put their clients needs first - and thank you so much to Rosemarie for making room in your busy schedule for my outstanding massage! Jeri 

Julie Amriti Duffy MA, LMT 


There are many massage therapists. In fact I would guess there are many great massage therapists. Healers are rare. Julie is a true healer. I am eternally grateful for her willingness to go deep with me into the mystery of healing from dis-ease.   Nancy

  "Julie's words, movements, and touch combined to create a calming and relaxing environment. I felt safe, cared for, and comfortable. Her energy is nurturing and caring, and I truly felt as though my body learned from her touch. Julie is a powerful guide on the path towards facilitating the health and wellness of one's body."  K. E.

Please go to the Online Booking page in order to schedule an appointment.  

 I have sung Julie’s praises before and am perfectly happy to do so again.  Julie is a healer, pure and simple – magnificent!  You can quote me on that one.

Thanks Julie!!
My best always,

Diane Y

    Julie Amriti Duffy, MA,LMT



Julie is a licensed massage therapist and bodyworker as well as a MASTER LEVEL ART THERAPIST  After working for many years as an Art Therapist and Outreach Director for RAW ART WORKS, a nonprofit studio based art therapy organization, Julie engaged in yogic study in India for two years.  She teaches Ethics and Professionalism and Anatomy and Physiology at THE MASSAGE SCHOOL OF BOSTON and Holistic Psychology at Lesley University and has a 200 hour Yoga and QiGong teaching certification from 


The core of Julie's life work is a deep devotion to her clients as she aims to  facilitate the healing process.


are available in your sessions with Julie. 

The intuitive and practical nature of the body oriented therapies and the desire to improve the lives of each person that she has the honor to work with are the inspirations for her work. Julie serves as the CEO and director of Massage Sanctuary both seeing clients in a private practice and hosting events where master teachers can come in to share their wisdom.

Julie's master thesis is entitled "Integrating Awareness of the Chakra System into Expressive Arts Therapy". In this thesis and in her continuing work as a clinician she integrates the mind, spirit, and body connection through a blend of Eastern and Western modalities.

Julie's path has included study with traditional healers and integrative doctors in the US, India, Central and South America.  She is excited to be alive in these times where there is a greater appreciation for the synergy between ancient healing traditions and modern integrative medicines.


Julie is an amazing person and outstanding therapist. I have been a client for 3 years and Julie has always been focused on addressing my current issues while offering different techniques, deep tissue, cupping, heat, etc. she works through these issues and I always leave me relaxed. Massage Sanctuary is a clean, comfortable setting with a focus on meeting your needs. I have even sent my wife and daughter to her.  David C

Pregnanacy Massage Feedback from Jenn who is in her 8th Month! 
Julie, I really enjoyed my mini-getaway at Massage Sanctuary. It was great to meet you and relax in the wonderful space that you've obviously put so much care and thought into. I appreciate that you were so open and willing to discuss my needs and concerns both before and after the massage. I'm already looking forward to coming back after I have the baby because I know you'll be able to help with all my aches and pains! Thank you!


Prior to my visit I…put it this way….any hesitation or uncertainty I had is now forgotten history.  Some years ago I was at a local farm with my son tasting fresh maple syrup, still warm from being boiled down, and we observed two young children insisting their father have taste. He indicated to them several times he knew what maple syrup tasted like. Finally to appease them he took a sip. Everyone standing around observed the father’s enlightenment as he said “Oh my god that’s good”.  His kids laughed they knew.  I insist others to indulge, book a massage with you, they will experience for first time, as I have, what they thought they knew so well.  Julie, I think you’ll understand when I say….you’re a great listener, unraveling many years of living by touch. Sincerely,Craig

Pregnanacy Massage Feedback from Jenn who is in her 8th Month! 
Julie, I really enjoyed my mini-getaway at Massage Sanctuary. It was great to meet you and relax in the wonderful space that you've obviously put so much care and thought into. I appreciate that you were so open and willing to discuss my needs and concerns both before and after the massage. I'm already looking forward to coming back after I have the baby because I know you'll be able to help with all my aches and pains! Thank you!

Julie was excellent. Over the years, I have had regular massages from six different therapists, and from four more therapists on a temporary basis. Julie was among the two best. Her studio is peaceful, the colors are calming, the music is relaxing, and best of all, she has healing hands.
Groupon Client

“In my experience, massage sanctuary is a place where I felt real care for the first time in my life. I have been to various massage places over several years (as I am suffering from chronic back problems) and had no idea how much massage can really help ones’ body until I experienced it at massage sanctuary. My tendency was to buy groupons to cover the expenses and go to whichever place offered good rate. After meeting Julie, I realized how much a massage can help and had never experience similar care before. She is warm, very patient and takes the time to understand the patient history and the problem areas and treats them with so much dedication. She truly cares for patient health and well being in my mind. I have cancelled all my groupons since J because I do not want to risk my health with anyone else.” A.G.

Julie Duffy is an extraordinary person and massage therapist. Each and every time I feel so well cared for.... body, mind and spirit. Julie encourages her clients to remain in quiet if that's what they want which truly allows for deep deep relaxation. I am so sure you will find that Julie is a gem of a therapist. And her interest in energy healing, nutrition and yoga make her well suited to care for others. Don't hesitate to book an appointment in this professional, comfortable and relaxing space at Massage Sanctuary.  Gail

Let me tell you about Julie. She is amazing. She is very, very good at her craft. I know this because I just signed up for 12 sessions, 1 every other week. You see I suffer from grief pain from the loss of my soul mate about a year ago. The pain is in my muscles, it comes and goes and is in different place at different times. The 1st time Julie worked on me I had very severe pain in my feet and calfs. In one session Julie made the pain tolerable and after a few more session that pain, that terrible pain is hardly noticeable, at all. Recently, I had a muscle spasm in my lower back and hip area, sort of like I pulled my back out of whack. Normally, I would go see my chiropractor and after several visits, some that worked and some, not so much, I would be sort of back to normally and in little pain. This time, I trusted Julie. Julie worked on my back, hips, and legs and basically all over, and I have to say, that after the 1st session where she really, really worked deep and I mean deep, the pain went from a solid 10 to a 3. And after the 2nd session I am basically pain fee. WOW! So, that's kind of why I booked 12 sessions, I still have my grief pain, which we will continue to work on and hopefully will go away soon. So, if you suffer from muscle, stress, or injury pain you owe it to yourselves to see Julie. She will take the time to talk to you and truly understand your pain, and then, take a deep breath cause she will make the pain go away,she is that good. She is wonderful. And after every time I have had a massage from Julie, I feel more relaxed, all my stress is gone, and the pain, well it's next to nothing. If you do see Julie, tell her Richard said, to say, "I'm here cause your one of the best, one of the good ones." I know you won't be disappointed , cause Julie truly, honest to God, is AMAZING. Richard B

Beautiful and relaxing space-fabulous massage-very professional  Marcia P. · 

I have had quite a few massages and quite a few therapists, Julie is one of the best. She made some strong and effective choices in responses to a couple areas that had been hounding me. The "I feel great" lasted longer than most. Highly recommend  Suzannah B. · 

Julie was amazing, she managed to relieve my lower back ache. She took the trouble to find out what areas were aching, and adjusted the massage accordingly. The room was calm and relaxing, and the oils she used were warming but not sticky (always a plus).  Nandini M. · 

My massage with Julie was so restorative, so relaxing and healing. Her manner and her techniques, the beautiful room, the special extras like the Himalayan stones...all made me feel like the toxins had left my body and I was so much healthier. I wanted to use our second Groupon for myself, but I shared it with my husband so he could experience a wonderful massage as well.  Laurie B. · 

Great job, I am sure to go back. Gopal K. ·

Julie Duffy provided the best massage I have ever experienced. The environment was very relaxing. Todd W. ·

I highly recommend Massage Sanctuary, I had never had a massage before and found it to be very relaxing. I have already made a second appointment.

Charles B. 

Can't wait for the next massage! Thanks so much for a great session.  June L. · 

I will definitely go back. Julia K. ·

A great sports massage! Sarah M. ·

Julie was wonderful. Helped me decided which massage would work best for my needs during this appointment. I'm excited to see her again in a week or so.

Rebecca S. · 

Julie was excellent. Over the years, I have had regular massages from six different therapists, and from four more therapists on a temporary basis. Julie was among the two best. Her studio is peaceful, the colors are calming, the music is relaxing, and best of all, she has healing hands.

Louisa V

Room is relaxing/calming...Julie is a great healer.

Lisa N.

My massage was profound and very healing. I am grateful for the chance to have gone!

Jeffrey G. 

I highly recommend the Massage Sanctuary. I had a massage by Jodie, she was awesome. Julie was not only professional by asking about me and what hurt and where it hurt and how long it hurt, but also, she is a terrific massage therapist, strong hands, knew just where to apply the right amount of strength and pressure. It was the best massage I have ever had. I had very bad grief pain in my feet and calf muscles for months that just wouldn't go away, since the massage the level of almost constant pain has gone from a level of 10 to a 2-3. I have already booked another appointment. Thanks Julie.


Excellent massage with a very knowledgeable therapist who provided very helpful advice

Dorothy M. · 

Julie Duffy is a very experienced massage therapist as well being very pleasant and compassionate. The room had beautiful decorations and I also enjoyed the music played during the massage. The only suggestion would be too have air conditioning during the very hot and humid days. It's more enjoyable to get under a warm blanket when the room is at a comfortable temperature.

Mara B. ·

Great massage!

Judy M. ·

I appreciated the atmosphere, professionalism, and great massage provided. See you next month!


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