To the many wonderful beings who have joined us on the path of creating wellness through massage and bodywork,


  We thank you for this opportunity and welcome you to the Massage Sanctuary.

  It is going to be a wonderful, creative journey of getting to know you.  We welcome your feedback on your experience at anytime.  You are our teachers as much as any teacher we have ever apprenticed to and so we humbly welcome all of your feedback as nuggets on the journey of continuing to be the best we can be.


Our journey has begun and at the beginning of any venture it is good to be clear about our shared expectations. 


You can expect the following from us:

  • to give you our best to be timely in responding to your requests and questions and making adjustments to appointments.
  • to give you full attention during the time you are in our care
  • to listen to your feedback and make any adjustments we can to improve your experience
  • Although we love to hear about your lives we firmly believe that a huge value in massage and bodywork comes from deep relaxation and therefore the sessions we offer are intended to be quiet times for relaxation and deep meditation for you.  Please do not hesitate to share the details of your life and body concerns that are relevant to your treatment goals but be aware that often the body benefits from the power of pure relaxation and deep breathing while quieting the mind.


 Our expectations from you are:

·      Please arrive to your appointments on time and it is suggested that you bring in with your Intake Form which can be found on this website.  This will allow us to move into massage or bodywork  treatment with more time for you on the table.  If you do not bring your form we will have a clipboard in the waiting room with forms attached.  You can arrive a few minutes early and fill that in.  All information shared is personal and confidential and will be held as such.

·      We aim to have the session begin and end promptly in order to accommodate all of the persons involved, you, us, and the next person who has an appointment.

·      Occasionally, if we are having a difficult time making an appointment we will offer to book you with an adjunct therapist in our cooperative.  

·      Gratuities are at your discretion. It is not a requirement and yet, of course it is greatly appreciated and helps us all to prosper and flourish in life when we give from the heart what feels right.

·      Please come to your appointment clean and notify us promptly if you have any concerns of skin problems, like a rash, poison ivy or such

·      Please bring your Gift Certificate or Voucher with you have one.

·      Be aware that if you miss your appointment or do not cancel within 24 hours you are still responsible for the cost of your apppoinment.  If we have 24 hours notice we can try to book someone in your spot.  If we do not have that time we miss our chance to provide excellent service to someone else and earn our keep.

·      Your safety and comfort are essential to you and us.  You may undress to your level of comfort for the massage, some people leave undergarments on others do not.  Please lie under the sheet fully covered for the massage and trust that we will keep you properly draped during the entire session.

·      That you use this time to RELAX, RENEW AND REPLENISH!



Please contact Julie if you have any questions or concerns. The best way to contact her is email as she can access your questions and give you answers anytime day or night!


 Thank you!

Julie Duffy, MA,LMT

Massage Sanctuary


We are located in Acton’s historic Exchange Hall on the second floor.  If you stand on the front balcony with your back to School Street we are through the door on the right and up a flight of stairs and to the left.


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